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Company Overview 

In 2015 Kelly Duke started Kelly Duke Staffing LLC® after working for another firm for 10 years.  Kelly’s goal was to help candidates better their situations. This dream was to also help companies solve their hiring needs by finding the right candidates at the right time. The goal was (and is) to always be honest with candidates and clients and to provide friendly discourse throughout the process and beyond.

We specialize in placing these amazing individuals who work in the manufacturing and AEC industries. We are successful because we have 1) 20+ years of experience in engineering recruiting 2) amazing candidates and companies who trust and provide us with repeat business and 3 ) understanding between all parties.

Kelly Duke Staffing LLC® strives to be the best in the Oklahoma manufacturing and AEC industries. We are in our 5th year and we are incredibly excited. We are dedicated, driven, tenacious, technically knowledgeable, and compassionate professionals who are ready to help make your dreams come true. So, please, let Kelly Duke Staffing LLC® help you!


Kelly Duke, President | Recruiter

I am a recruiting expert with 15 years specializing in the engineering, manufacturing and AEC industries.  I’ve owned Kelly Duke Staffing LLC® since 2015.  Prior to this, I worked 10 years for another recruiting firm where I specialized in engineering, manufacturing and AEC industries.  My passion for engineering and manufacturing is because 1) engineers are wicked SMART 2) engineers are FUNNY 3) engineering like to explain and talk about what they do, and they don’t make you feel dumb.  You’ll see a common thread in this bio about me.  I love to learn, especially when it comes to science.  Give me a journal or put someone in front of me who wants to talk, and I will listen earnestly.

I love recruiting because I’m able to really understand people, know what drives them, what makes them laugh, cry and see them through many seasons of their life.  See, recruiting isn’t a one-time thing.  You are able to connect with them for many years down road.  I’m lucky enough to connect with candidates and clients with whom I’ve connected with 15 years ago.  I mean, there aren’t many jobs where you can do that!

My driving force is to help candidates and companies, be a resource for them and even if I can’t help now, I will one day.  I want them to respect, value and trust me since we will be connected for a very long time.

Prior to recruiting, I worked in healthcare administration for 10 years.  I enjoyed healthcare because the human body and science is fascinating and when you couple those with patients and doctors, well, you have the perfect storm.  Like Engineers, I could listen to Doctors and Physical Therapists talk for days about treatments and procedures.

Diana Bramhall, Recruiter

I am from and have lived in Oklahoma most of my life. I live in my childhood home with my husband. My son and daughter have given me four grandchildren who I love seeing and spending time with often. Some of my favorite hobbies include quilting and various hand work.

Throughout my career, I have interacted with and assisted people in fulfilling their needs. My job was to make their life better.  Working at Kelly Duke Staffing LLC® will allow me to continue helping people reach their goals and meet their needs.

I love helping others and feel it is a privilege to work in an environment where good ethics, integrity and meaningful interaction is not only encouraged but, also practiced.

My goal and desire are to place the right person in the right position that fulfills their and the employers’ needs. I am looking forward to this new and exciting journey that will allow me to continue helping people.

Joshua Butler, Recruiter

I have an IT professional background of twenty plus years of experience. As an IT Manager my most important responsibility was to build a cohesive and talented team comprised of a variety of different disciplines. My focused hiring efforts and technical knowledge finely honed my talent acquisition abilities in selecting the right candidate for the right job.

I enjoy recruiting because it is an industry centered around helping others realize their career dreams and setting them on their way to achieving their highest potential. My goals as a recruiter is to help candidates better their situation and help companies solve their hiring needs by building strong, long-term mutually beneficial relationships with candidates and clients alike.

As a recruiter for Kelly Duke Staffing LLC®, my focus and efforts will be recruiting and placing top talent for industry leading companies in AEC and Manufacturing.